When to Switch to Professional Payroll Services

When to Switch to Professional Payroll Services

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Keeping track of payroll for one employee is fairly simple, but growing your staff also means growing the stacks of paperwork you need to process. Between withholdings, taxes, proper reporting and delivery, direct deposits and garnishing wages, you need to keep track of a great deal of information when you do payroll yourself.


Review the 4 signs that you need to hire a professional payroll company or employee for your business:


    1. Your business is growing or about to grow. When you are a one- or two-person operation, payroll isn’t as complicated. But if your business has recently grown or you plan to add to your staff, now is the time to look for a payroll expert to handle your current and future employees.


    1. You have been penalized by the IRS for payroll errors. To avoid future fees and ire from the IRS, find a professional. If you hire a payroll employee, make sure they keep up to date with the latest tax code changes. Some payroll companies will pay the fees you incur if they make a mistake, which is a nice insurance. However, you will likely still be responsible for any interest.


    1. Organizing payroll is a time-consuming task for you or your staff. If the person doing payroll isn’t an expert, it usually takes much longer for them to complete. Couldn’t your employee be conducting revenue-driving activities instead of struggling with payroll?


  1. Your record keeping is lousy. We all know we should keep better records, but some business owners and entrepreneurs just don’t keep very good track of their documents. This can get costly if it leads to mistakes in payroll.


Sequoia Personnel Services Inc. offers professional payroll services for the employees we place, as well as for a business’s entire staff. We keep updated on all legal and tax regulation changes so we make sure your payroll is done correctly. If you’re considering hiring your own payroll employee, we can help you find the right person for the job.

 The information provided in this blog is intended for general information purposes only. Readers should seek the help of an HR professional for guidance on specific issues.