2 Methods of Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff

2 Methods of Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff


Managing staff is a delicate balancing act that management must handle with intent if they’re going to bring out the best work and enthusiasm from staff. It may sound simple, but anyone who has been a manager knows the balance is difficult to maintain between motivation, deadlines, morale, and several other factors.


Two ways managers can bring out the best in their employees is by improving engagement and offering a clear path to advancement.


#1 Engage Your Staff


What do we mean by engagement? It’s being motivated to contribute to your company’s success and to apply extra effort in your work in pursuit of your company’s goals. According to the 2011/2012 Kenexa High Performance Institute Worktrends™ report Engagement Levels in Global Decline: Organizations Losing a Competitive Advantage, employee engagement levels notably declined in 2011 in every job category reviewed.


According to that report, you can increase employee engagement by:


    • Allowing a more flexible work schedule to help employees manage their work/life balance


    • Developing better leadership skills and competency in management


  • Offer training opportunities


#2  Offer A Clear Path for Advancement


Not many people want to be in a dead-end job. But employees might feel like their job is a dead end if they don’t see how they can advance within the company, according to a recent article in Human Resource Executive Online. If the next stepping stone isn’t clear, employees won’t be encouraged to pursue better positions in the same company, dropping employee retention. Talk to employees about their future potential and how they can continue to be an assess to your company.


Most employees want to be presented with new opportunities and challenges, which is what engaging your staff and offering paths for advancement can do.

 The information provided in this blog is intended for general information purposes only. Readers should seek the help of an HR professional for guidance on specific issues.