7/01/2017: New California Labor Regulation

New California Labor Regulation

July 1st often represents a busy date for new labor/human resource regulations in California. This year, however, there appears to be only one which is widely applicable.

Law # AB2337 – Notification for Abuse/violence/Sexual Assault Victims

  • On July 1 the law requires employers who have 25+ employees to provide notice in writing on the rights of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to take protected time off for medical treatment and/or legal proceedings.
  • The California Department of Labor has until July 1 to develop a form that is required to be distributed to new hires and upon request by any employee.   As of this writing, the form is not yet posted on the DOL’s website.
  • Best practice will be to hand this new form out to all employees once that form exists, and then to new hires and as requested after that.


REGULATION CHANGES for Nail salons, Private Schools

  • There are also new California labor/human resource regulations specific to nail salons and private schools.
  • If your organization is one of these, feel free to contact Michael Kraft at kraft@sequoiapersonnel.com.