Why the Starting Staff of a New Business is Critical

Why the Starting Staff of a New Business is Critical

The startling truth is that many new business ventures fail within the first year. There are several causes, from growing too fast to not a big enough market, but having a team that is dedicated and innovative can help you avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs face.



There are at least four reasons why you should carefully choose the starting staff of your new business:

    1. A diverse team will bring diverse ideas and talents to your organization. This isn’t simply a matter of race or gender. Companies have created more successful teams by assessing the learning and communication styles of their team members, according to a Human Resource Executive Online article. Assessments like the Myer Briggs Type Indicator and the Hogan Development Survey can help you create a team that knows its strengths and can help you fill in the gaps with future hires. According to One-Minute Millionaire, “There is no dirty work, just the wrong person doing the wrong work.”


    1. Start with a culture of innovation to explore more possibilities and your starting staff will run with it. Not every idea is a winner, but a new business needs to test out different ideas to find the business’s optimal position in the market. According to Human Resource Executive Online, companies are more likely to excel when they reward innovative behaviors, not just positive outcomes. Look for employees who know how to implement best-practice innovation behaviors to test a range of ideas in a cost-effective manner.


    1. Choose your staff well to begin with and the result will be lower turnover. To replace a single $8-per-hour employee costs about $3,500, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. That includes recruiting, interviewing, the hiring process, training and reduced productivity. Of course, the cost is much higher for higher-paid employees and management. Your business will struggle to remain consistent if you need to catch new employees up to speed frequently.


    1. The best employees are as passionate as you are. It’s a tall order to fill, but the most loyal and innovative employees will be the ones who believe in the purpose of your company. Don’t sell top talent on what you do — sell them on why you do it.


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