Why Humboldt County?

Why you want to live and work in Humboldt County.

Humboldt County lies on the northern California coast, also called the Redwood Coast, 250 miles north of San Francisco. This place isn’t for everybody. It’s remote, rural, & quirky … but many residents say “it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else.”

We never tire of living in a place where weird is normal. Where you might see deer, geese or even elk on your daily commute that is less than 20-minutes.  Where you can kayak after work, or surf–if you’re tough enough for the cold water–before work. Where artists, musicians and a great local food scene co-mingle.  Where there is a microbrewery for every 20,000 people. Where native people still live on their ancestral lands. Where someone might actually smile and say “hello” on the street.


In Humboldt County you can enjoy anything from the redwood forest, rugged coast lines, serene bays, and six rivers all while being close to home.  If you’re looking to leave the rat race, check Humboldt out. Come spend a long weekend – and you may find yourself not wanting to leave.



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Humboldt Brags

  • Nation’s first organic brewery, Eel River Brewing
  • County with most artists per capita in California
  • Where you can breathe some of the nation’s cleanest air, per NOAA
  • Longest stretch of undeveloped pristine coastline in the continental U.S.
  • America’s most scenic rural county, says the USDA
  • Big-screen home of Lost World dinosaurs and Ewoks from a Galaxy Far Away
  • Home of one of the nation’s best college towns, says Outside magazine
  • Arcata built a marsh and wildlife sanctuary to treat wastewater. It works!
  • Home of 26 feisty wineries which, combined, are just one-third the size of a “small” winery.
  • Home of the bay that provides two-thirds of California’s oysters.
  • Smallest licensed bar in California – aboard the Madaket
  • Where Bigfoot was discovered, named and honored with a museum.
  • Home of the original kinetic sculpture race that inspired imitators worldwide.
  • 1.8 million acres of forests, recreation areas and protected redwoods, including the world’s most old-growth redwoods
  • Home of the The Carson Mansion, all-time coolest Victorian home
  • Where we’re creating a model for sustainable forestry, says National Geographic


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