For Job Seekers

View open jobs online!

Let’s say you’ve scanned these listings and you don’t see a job for you there. You would still be smart to make an appointment, fill out an application, and come see us. Why?

Many temporary jobs don’t make this list. The job comes in, we already know someone who would be good, and we assign them to the job. If we know you this way, this person could be you. And a number of temporary jobs turn into regular employment when the employer likes the person they have.

We get to know you, and your skills. We often see transferable skills which could help someone make a profitable career move.

We may have an employer who just put a bug in our ear…something like, “if you had the exact right person, even if we’re not currently hiring, we want to know.” This happens surprisingly frequently.

It doesn’t cost you a dime. You spend a little time filling out the application, and coming to our office in Eureka. Most interviews are 30 – 60 minutes.

So call 707-445-9641, to get started!