For Employers

Thank you for visiting Sequoia Personnel Services.  We are experts in recruiting high level employees to our remote area with long term success and satisfaction.  Our goal is to make the hiring process as fast and efficient as possible while finding the right person for your needs.  We guarantee it!

Whatever your employments needs are, we have the resources, solutions, and the experience to help.  Simply put, putting our 35-years of experience on your team will guarantee success!  We like to say that putting us on your team is like hiring a complete Human Resources department, a top search firm with a proven track record and a bookkeeping service with all of the expertise on an on call basis!


Our Services Include:

Staffing (Temporary Placement)

Both long term and short term, as well as temp-to-hire.

Permanent Placement

Our extensive vetting process allows us to ensure that our clients get the best possible candidate for their long term employment needs. When searching for candidates for long term permanent placement we draw from our large database of candidates, many of whom are only available to you through our service due to the fact they are currently employed and not actively searching the employment ads. Of course we also list ads in all of our top local publications as well as online in popular jobs boards. All of this work is done on a contingent basis so if we don’t find who you’re looking for you don’t pay a fee.

Payroll Services

Whether it is certified payroll or quarterly preparation, we can meet your needs for the best price. SPS is the only employment agency in the area that produces our payroll inhouse.
We are well informed and uptodate on California payroll rules and regulations, and we have the expert accounting staff to always assure it is done RIGHT!

Management Consulting

Through the years, we have learned a lot from observing the best and worst employment practices. Using this knowledge, SPS can consult with you if you are having internal issues with staff. Whether it is training supervisors in efficiency or working with you on how
to put an organizational chart together to get the most for your payroll dollars, we are here to maximize the efficiency of your organization.

Professional Search and Recruitment

We are the only professional search firm in the Tri-County area. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced, and our reach is both national and international. SPS continues to bring expertise to Humboldt County; we have conducted successful searches that included findings candidates from New Zealand to Wall Street, and we are confident we will find the right candidate for your company too! Our recruitment process is a team effort. We
work for you by working with you to define the essential functions of the position you’re trying to fill, ensuring that we fully understand your needs. By doing so we will be able to target the right individuals and make sure you have the best candidates to interview.

HR Consulting

SPS can help you meet your HR legal requirements. We consult on salary, job descriptions, and many other consulting needs. If we don’t know the answer, we will find out!

Skills Testing

We offer a wide range of skills assessment tests to ensure that the candidates we refer have the skills you need. We have a broad range of skill-specific aptitude tests available such as accounting and typing tests, as well as software-specific tests.

Staffing Startup Businesses

Find out how this service can help grow your business for minimal cost. We are big supporters of small business startups and have found that our staffing and payroll
services are a huge help to the small startup that needs some staff support, either part-time or fulltime.

Salary Surveys

We conduct anonymous surveys to help you find out what others in your industry are paying. Due to our regular contact with many industries, we are typically aware of the normal salary ranges within any industry at any given time. We offer this advice at no charge just part of our commitment to help your business be as successful as it can be!

Our staffing services have been providing employers with quick solutions to keep your business at its best.  Many of our temps are hired permanently—that is very unique to Sequoia and really speaks to the quality of our staffing service.  Let us help your business today!