Sequoia Personnel Services Becomes Local CalFresh Partner

Sequoia Personnel Services Becomes Local CalFresh Partner


Sequoia Personnel Services, Inc., (SPS) has become a local CalFresh partner. This means we are a “one stop shop” for individuals or families who are interested in getting information or applying for the CalFresh program. The CalFresh program assists families in obtaining healthy food by adding to their food budget. This program was formerly known as food stamps.


By visiting SPS employees can apply for this program, which in turn can ease their financial burden and help them maintain focus on their careers. We have a standard form which can help to determine CalFresh eligibility on the spot. We can assist individuals who likely meet eligibility requirements in applying for CalFresh benefits right in our office in Henderson Center, Eureka. To qualify, candidates must be a resident of Humboldt County, one household member must be a US citizen or documented alien, one household member must NOT be receiving SSI/SSP, and maximum gross income must NOT exceed the figures below.



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