Importance of Workplace Environment

Importance of Workplace Environment


How do your employees feel about their work environment? Does your company intentionally set the bar high for a positive environment, or is it more of an afterthought? According to recent studies, workplace environment is important to not just employees but also the bottomline.


An ongoing survey from Interaction Associates called “Building Trust” shows that better financial performance goes hand in hand with strong leadership, trust and collaboration, according to a recent article from Human Resource Executive Online — all of which are part of a positive workplace environment. Every year this survey is conducted, there is an increase in net profit and revenue growth when companies provide this type of strong environment. Employees also tend to be healthier as well, which can additionally lower healthcare costs.


Aside from a work environment with strong leadership, providing flexibility to your employees has also shown to boost efficiency and company loyalty, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. When done well, flexibility helps your employees and managers balance their home and work lives better. This also helps attract talent to your company and retain it.


Fostering a positive and less stressful workplace environment can make your company more productive than alternative methods. What does less stressful look like? If you don’t have employees sleeping at their desks and overworking in an unsustainable fashion, that is a good start.


How important is a strong, positive workplace environment to your company?

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